Why and how to join Team Mortalis

We believe that energy of the people makes the game, not just money. People who share the vision, work together and put in their energy, will accomplish great things. If a person does something with free will he will put his soul into that!

At this point of development we are looking for visionaries who believe first. Visionaries, who have an entrepreneurial mindset and believe that everything is possible! Also, gamers who are skilled in their trade or willing to learn, solution-focused and self-disciplined. Initiative is one of the most valued and recognized traits in our team.

If that sounds like you, here is what we can offer:

  • to become part of building something great, changing MMORPG world for better;
  • company share options with leveling opportunity;
  • work from home;
  • make your own schedule;
  • choose a role that you love the most.

What to do next? Take action!

  • contact us by e-mail or join our Discord channel and write to Mihkel or Kristjan;
  • next step is to make a short Discord video call to get to know each other and talk about possibilities.

We are hoping to hear from you soon.

Second Video from Wolfszeit!

Our Vision Architect Kristjan answering comments and questions from previous video from Wolfszeit’s channel. To reflect to the gaming community that our goal is to be transparent and intentions sincere.

Mortalis Game Book Is Here!

The Mortalis Game book “The Gods To Be” is printed! In Estonian “Tulevased Jumalad”. You can buy it now@
We are preparing to publish it in English, next.

February 2023 Dev Talk

This time in Dev Talk we answer questions from fans:

How you can benefit already by telling about Mortalis and get points to the future?
What do you imagine the graphics to be like in your game?
What are your ideas about immersive audio in Mortalis and what mistakes other developers are doing?
Have you tried to play Sea of Thieves? It has really cool systems in place, maybe you could even do a “let’s play” video with your team?
If you kill a “stronger” mob what happens then? Do you get better loot from it or any of that mob’s skills also?
Maybe there could be a video about things you most dislike in current games (mechanics, story elements, immersion, scams, ganking, competition between game studios, etc)? Something maybe even like “Top 10 problems currently in gaming” and how Mortalis will solve them. What engine will this game run on?
Estimation about minimum specs?
Maybe Mortalis could have some sort of a signature game as part of the lore?
What could be achieved with AI in the game? How AI could be used to make the game itself?
How you could earn money by playing the game? Do you have some systems already in place for that?
Which development methodology your company will use?
Could you make a video where you go deeper into the advanced AI?
What we can expect to see that will grow the community and player base? What kind of classes and races will be in your game?
What will the inventory system be like?
How many active players should the game have before it can be considered to be “massively”?
How new players could afford the good city plots? Maybe there could be a game mechanic for new players to take out loans from the game system?

Biggest News in the history of Mortalis Game!

Our First Coverage In YouTube! Thank you Wolfszeit for being the first content creator to talk about us!

Dear reader, if you are also a content creator and would like to help us on our journey, contact us at game[at] or in our Discord channel. We can provide you with ideas, materials and visuals about MMORPG “Mortalis: Back to the Roots”.

January 2023 Dev Talk

This time in Dev Talk:

Why we do things differently?
Why there hasn’t been innovation in MMORPG world over 15-20 years?
Team discussion on crafting system.
Preparing for a demo game and crafting system.
Our Siret, voice of Keio will talk about herself.

December 2022 Dev Talk

This time in Dev Talk:

intelligent NPCs
starting a village
building a house
adventure and exploration
be careful
skill development

November Dev Talk

This time in Dev Talk:

Background story
Character creation
Escape to the capsule and tutorial
How to play with your friends in game
What options you have when you are landed
First crafting options
This time our Sound Engineer and Video Editor Henri introduces himself

October Dev Talk

What we want to address in this video is the nature of the community. What kind of community we expect to build and why the nature of the community is so important? Different examples about 6 other games.

We feel that we already need moderators amongst our fans!

This time our Lead Artist Toni introduces himself.

There will be more videos about our game systems and why we are different from other games.

Development Roadmap

We explain our roadmap to game launch, and why it is important to build the community first.

Please, take a look.

September Dev Talk

3D render jam 29.09 – 02.10.22.
Kickstarter journey so far and we are now so so close.
We played Embers Adrift, Fred will talk more.
This time our Vision Architect Kristjan introduces himself.
Kang Kung’s question – How Kristjan and Mihkel grew into game designers?

August Dev Talk

Kickstarter postponed.
We wrote to several game studios.
We have observed MMORPG games for decades.
This time our Narrator Jim Sharman introduces himself.
Stay tuned for yet another community question!
Our game is based on 5 core ideas: In this video we talk about “Earn while playing”.

3D Render Jam

Time: September 29 to October 2

Location: our Discord channel.

The 3D Render Jam was inspired by our team’s artists to kick-start the process of game development.  As we are a bunch of enthusiasts ourselves, our resources are limited, so we came up with this jam. In exchange for participating, winners earn prizes and may be invited to join the Mortalis: Back to the Roots development team!

To get more info and participate, click here!

July Dev Talk

We continue to introduce our team members. This time we have new co-host: our Lead 3D Artist Robert Põldmaa. We cover one of the core ideas – “Contribute and be recognized”. 3D Render Jam announcement.

There is an important question for you in the end of the video.

June Dev Talk

This time, as usual, we have some news, but also our lead writer introduces himself. We cover one of our core ideas for the game – “Build the world and create its story. Your surroundings are defined by you and your actions and decisions.”

There is an important question for you in the end of the video.

May Dev Talk

This time we talk about our Kickstarter progress, a fun minigame on our website, new concept art on Instagram, and one of our core ideas for the game – equality in game.

April Dev Talk

We have a Dev Talk ready for you. We speak about:

– state of Kickstarter preparations,

– new social media channels and people we are looking for,

– core idea of the game: immersion.