Rootseed X2 Whitepaper*

Ver 2.0

* This whitepaper is a draft and subject to revisions and modifications.

RootSeed X2, a project created and published by Lifelong Fund OÜ (Mortalis Game™).


Introducing RootSeed X2 Tokens: Earn While You Play in the MMORPG ‘Mortalis: Back to the Roots’!

Dive into the realm of Mortalis Game, where gaming transcends mere entertainment and unlocks profitable prospects. Mortalis Game is poised to redefine the gaming sector with its upcoming MMORPG, ‘Mortalis: Back to the Roots’, and the innovative RootSeed Tokens. With RootSeed, players can garner tangible rewards while delving into an enthralling virtual adventure.

Each in-game item, meticulously designed by adept players, bears intrinsic value and can be traded on the game’s marketplace. Beyond this, players can accumulate RootCoin, the game’s native cryptocurrency, by participating in diverse in-game tasks. RootCoin not only facilitates in-game transactions but can also be converted into real-world currency.

As a RootSeed holder, you stand to benefit from a consistent stream of RootCoins. A fraction of the RootCoins earned in the game will be allocated to RootSeed holders at regular intervals. Moreover, by investing in RootSeeds, you can potentially transition into a shareholder of Mortalis Game. 

Anchored to the Ethereum blockchain, RootSeed harnesses the capabilities of smart contracts to guarantee safe and transparent dealings. Adhering to the ERC-20 token standards ensures effortless interfacing with an array of wallets, exchanges, and apps, offering a frictionless user experience.

Embark on this pioneering voyage where the realms of gaming and financial opportunity converge. Delve into ‘Mortalis: Back to the Roots’ and embrace the potential of the RootSeed movement.

Delve deeper into the Mortalis Game universe and ‘Mortalis: Back to the Roots’ at Gear up for an unparalleled gaming venture, amplifying rewards with RootSeed Tokens.


Our token is named “RootSeed X2“.

Mortalis Game is in the process of developing an MMORPG titled ‘Mortalis: Back to the Roots’. We aspire to shift the prevailing notion that playing is merely a leisure activity with no tangible returns. To this end, we’ve crafted a unique ecosystem where players can earn as they play.

Here’s how the system works:

  • Every in-game item, including armor, weapons, mounts, and equipment, will be the fruit of a player’s craftsmanship. Acquiring these crafting skills demands dedicated practice and time. This ensures that top-tier items retain their value, making them sought after and easily tradable within the game, allowing players to monetize their skills via the in-game marketplace.
  • Players will be rewarded with a cryptocurrency, named RootCoin, for participating in diverse in-game activities. RootCoin serves as the exclusive in-game currency and is essential for all marketplace transactions.
  • Additionally, RootCoin can be converted into fiat currency. Players or investors keen on securing items from the in-game marketplace will need to acquire RootCoin, which they can then deploy for in-game purchases.
  • A specific percentage of RootCoins gathered in the game (for instance, 20%) will be redirected to the Mortalis Game’s account. This collection forms the Reward Pool. Subsequently, 50% of the Reward Pool will be systematically (like monthly) divided amongst RootSeed holders. Such a mechanism offers RootSeed holders a consistent and perpetual stream of RootCoins, which they can either utilize in-game or exchange for other currencies.
  • Multiple releases of RootSeed are anticipated. The tokens in this release are named as RootSeed X2 because they yield twice as many RootCoins as the succeeding release. The tokens in the subsequent release will be called RootSeed X1 as they yield half the RootCoins relative to the RootSeed X2. Should there be a third release, the tokens would be named RootSeed X0.5, granting half the RootCoins in comparison to the RootSeed X1. This structure is deliberate, underscoring our profound appreciation for our early backers – the visionaries and trailblazers who exhibit faith in our endeavor and are willing to take on the risks associated with investing in RootSeeds during its early stages.
  • RootSeed X2 holders are presented with an exclusive opportunity – the Shareholder Initiative: they can initiate a discussion about acquiring a stake in Mortalis Game. This proposition is valid for those acquiring a minimum of 5,000,000,000 (5 Billion) RootSeeds X2 during ICO and is restricted to the first 8 individuals.
  • Five years after our first token sale, if you have at least 5,000,000,000 (5 billion) RootSeed X2, you can become part of our Shareholder Initiative. This is the last chance to join. If you didn’t buy in our first sale, this is a good time since our company is now worth more. But remember, RootSeed X2 might cost more by then. So, buying early during our first sale might be a good idea.


RootSeed is crafted as an Ethereum-based token, harnessing the robust capabilities of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. (Please note: this is subject to potential changes.) Opting for Ethereum as the foundational technology for RootSeed offers numerous benefits, such as heightened security, interoperability, and integration within a mature ecosystem.

The RootSeed token conforms to the ERC-20 standard, a prevalent token specification on the Ethereum blockchain. Adhering to this standard guarantees compatibility with an array of wallets, exchanges, and other platforms that endorse ERC-20 tokens, streamlining user interactions with RootSeed.

As an ERC-20 representative, RootSeed encapsulates core functionalities like transferability and divisibility. Moreover, it permits the embedding of supplementary features via smart contracts. The smart contract steering RootSeed encompasses features like token transfers, balance monitoring, and custom logic tailored to the token’s environment.

Ethereum’s blockchain furnishes a stout and decentralized foundation for the seamless execution of smart contracts, upholding the inalterability and lucidity of RootSeed transactions. All actions related to RootSeed, from token transfers to engagements with smart contracts, are indelibly inscribed on the Ethereum blockchain, guaranteeing safe and verifiable transactions.

Leveraging Ethereum also paves the way for RootSeed’s synergy with other decentralized applications (DApps) and utilities within the Ethereum domain. Such an approach magnifies prospects for budding alliances, cooperation, and effortless amalgamation with contemporaneous Ethereum-centric projects.

For RootSeed engagement, users can turn to diverse Ethereum wallets compatible with ERC-20 tokens. These digital wallets ensure the fortified safekeeping and oversight of RootSeed tokens, facilitating operations like sending, receiving, and monitoring one’s token assets.

Furthermore, users have the potential to exchange RootSeed on congruent decentralized exchanges (DEXs) or mainstream exchanges that acknowledge ERC-20 tokens. This contributes to liquidity and accessibility for token proprietors. Note: This feature remains a prospective development with no confirmed guarantees. Presently, no fixed date or timeline exists for RootSeed listings.

The RootSeed token capitalizes on Ethereum’s intrinsic security and consensus apparatus. Ethereum’s decentralized framework ensures that no singular entity governs RootSeed transactions, enhancing transparency and minimizing manipulation susceptibility.

In essence, RootSeed, sculpted on the Ethereum blockchain and fortified with smart contract technology, offers compatibility, security, and expansive integration avenues within the Ethereum milieu. By capitalizing on Ethereum’s strengths, RootSeed strives to establish a formidable and dependable token infrastructure for the MMORPG ‘Mortalis: Back to the Roots’ and its encompassing ecosystem.


Within the ecosystem of “Mortalis: Back to the Roots,” the token stands pivotal, not only facilitating transactions but also stimulating proactive participation. This chapter delineates the economic structure underpinning RootSeed.

RootSeed X2 At a Glance

Parameter Value
Minted RootSeeds X2160,000,000,000.00 (160 billion)
Minted Value (EUR)16,000,000.00 (16 million)
ICO No. of RootSeeds X280,000,000,000.00 (80 billion)
ICO Value (EUR)   8,000,000.00 (8 million)
EUR per RootSeed 0.00010
RootSeed Reserve80,000,000,000.00 (80 billion)

Token Supply

A cumulative 160 billion RootSeed X2 are slated for minting.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Amidst the ICO, 80 Billion RootSeed X2 will be made accessible for public acquisition. The ICO represents a gateway for enthusiasts to procure RootSeed X2 and immerse themselves in the Mortalis Game milieu.

RootSeed Reserve

Out of all the tokens, 80 Billion RootSeeds are set aside for private investors. Any RootSeeds left after the ICO will also go into this reserve. Six months after the ICO, there will be a release of RootSeed X1. At that time, the RootSeed X2 tokens in the Reserve will be replaced by these new tokens.

After this new release, RootSeed X1 will be set aside for the team behind “Mortalis: Back to the Roots.” This includes engineers, designers, artists, marketers, community managers, and others. Plus, some of these tokens will be used in game packages sold online.

Mortalis Game will oversee this reserve to ensure the tokens are kept safe and used wisely. The main purposes of this reserve are:

  1. Future Plans: It allows Mortalis Game to use tokens for different projects and partnerships in the future.
  2. Market Stability: Having a stock of RootSeeds helps keep the market stable and prevents sudden price changes.

Token Burning

RootSeeds traded for Mortalis Game shares (as a result of Shareholder Initiative) will be “burned,” meaning they’re taken out of circulation for good. The RootSeed X2 tokens in the Reserve will also be burned six months after the ICO as a result of the release of RootSeed X1. However, if not all 80 Billion RootSeed X2 tokens are sold by then, the burning will wait until they’re all bought.

This burning process makes RootSeeds rarer and, therefore, potentially more valuable as the number available decreases.


The tokenomics underlying RootSeed are designed to cultivate a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem within “Mortalis: Back to the Roots.” Through astute management of the token supply and allocating portions for collaborators, Mortalis Game guarantees a fair distribution, ensuring the engagement of vital stakeholders. Concurrently, the eradication of RootSeeds in exchange for Mortalis Game shares introduces a strategy that reinforces the sustained value and utility of the RootSeed tokens.




The primary purpose of minting RootSeeds is to raise funds for the development of the MMORPG ‘Mortalis: Back to the Roots’ (the Game). Additionally, RootSeeds are intended to reward and recognize all contributors, whether through monetary or non-monetary contributions.

The development of the Game is divided into six phases:

  • Phase one involves documenting the game and creating the story.
  • Phase two focuses on building the community.
  • Phase three entails financing the development.
  • Phase four involves developing the game with partial world and functionality.
  • Phase five aims to raise additional funds if necessary.
  • Phase six is dedicated to developing a fully playable game.

Phase one began in January 2020, and the work has been ongoing ever since. We firmly believe that this phase is one of the most critical in the game development process. Failing to thoroughly think through and document the game could result in critical errors, as history has shown in the case of many MMORPGs. This often leads to games losing a significant portion of their player base within the first couple of days due to network issues or players quitting during the tutorial phase. To avoid such pitfalls, it is essential to have alternative methods and solutions in place from the outset. This way, when the time comes to develop these solutions, the team will know what to do and which direction to take.

Phase two also commenced in 2020. Building a strong, healthy, and supportive community is a crucial step in our development journey. ‘Mortalis: Back to the Roots’ aspires to become a massively multiplayer game, which requires a substantial number of simultaneous players. Building and nurturing the community is an ongoing process that relies on the support and feedback of our community and early fan base. Involving the community and incorporating their feedback is the right approach to game development.

As of 2023, we have reached phase three. We initiated a Kickstarter campaign in May, which provided valuable learning experiences, but unfortunately did not achieve the desired financial success. Various factors contributed to this outcome, one of which is the declining trend in supporting MMORPGs compared to half a decade ago. Presently, many development studios raise funds through crypto communities, allowing them to support and invest in gaming studios. The next step on this path is the minting and selling of RootSeeds.

Furthermore, in 2023, we commenced the development of a demo game, which places us in phase four. The primary work on this front will begin after successfully raising the necessary capital.

You can find more information on Mortalis Game and “Mortalis: Back to the Roots” here:


Note: this is only our vision. The actual items and dates in the plan could change if necessary.

DescriptionCosts EURPeriod (months)
Period 0: ICO2
Period 1, months 1-12Game Development: The Game ver. 0.1 is going to be developed as single player.Tokenomics Development: RootSeeds will be stored and accessible on our web platform – Survivors’ Camp.RootSeed X2 in the Reserve will be burned and RootSeed X1 will be minted and allocated into the Reserve.2 030 18012
Period 2, months 13-24Game Dev: The Game ver. 0.2 adds new mechanics and potentially unique features to the game.Web development: Story access, referral system, forum, rewards, activity points, etc.Tokenomics: As the web develops, the community grows, adding value to the token.3 174 100
Period 3, months 25-36Game Dev: The Game ver. 0.3 adds multiplayer elements and new core features.Tokenomics: Survivors’ Camp marketplace for player-to-player transactions of RootSeeds and other game-related items.5 754 31512
Period 4, months 37-48Game Dev: The Game ver 0.4 upgrades crafting, building, trading (player-to-player), gathering and exploration to the next level.Web development: Challenges and mini games in Survivors’ Camp.Tokenomics: Earn RootSeeds while participating in challenges and other daily activities.8 610 88712
Period 5, months 48-60Game Dev: Huge leap forward! The Game ver 1.0 – Alpha release. The whole game with most of the functionality will be ready to play.Tokenomics: The RootCoin, our in-game money and main crypto currency can be earned while play-testing. You can collect RootCoin but not exchange it for in-game items.The Reward Pool is forming. RootCoins are accumulating in the Pool. The Pool is not yet distributed among RootSeed owners.11 563 72212
Period 6, months 61-72Tokenomics: RootCoins accumulated to the Energy Transfer Pool will be distributed among the owners of RootSeed.16 924 55312
Period 7, moths 73-84Game Dev: The Game ver 1.5 – Beta releaseTokenomics: In-game marketplace with most of the features will be made available. You can now start trading, selling and buying stuff for RootCoin.20 989 62812
Period 8, months 85-96. The Game will be launched.29 042 61112
Period 9, months 97-108. Real money market for RootCoins (not earlier than 12 months after the launch).43 649 414>12
Table 2. Development Roadmap


Investing in RootSeed offers unique opportunities and potential returns for investors, even considering the time it takes to reach the real money market. Here are the key points to consider:

  • Holding and Growing Value: By investing in RootSeed X2, you can watch your investment appreciate. RootSeed is crafted to grow in value, offering a potential return.
  • Passive RootCoin Earnings: Investors can earn RootCoins passively. Others can earn them through gameplay and in-game activities. These coins can be sold for real money, offering a direct return on investment.
    1. NB! RootSeed X2 yields twice the RootCoins compared to subsequent releases (RootSeed X1).
  • Burning Reserves. RootSeed X2 is available in a limited quantity. Unsold reserves will be burned after a successful ICO, making this a prime investment opportunity. 
  • Early Access and Exclusive Content: Investors with at least 10,000,000 RootSeed X2 get Alpha Release access, and those with at least 5,000,000 gain Beta Release access to the MMORPG “Mortalis: Back to the Roots”. This offers unique gameplay and bragging rights.
  • Extended Utility Through Partnerships: We aim to partner with gaming platforms and sectors like e-commerce or virtual reality to accept RootCoin, amplifying its utility and demand.

Exit Strategy:

  • Listing of RootSeeds. We plan to list RootSeeds on public exchanges in 5 to 10 years, giving investors an exit option. Development takes time, and the token’s value will grow alongside the game and community. We aren’t listing right after the ICO to ensure sustained growth.
  • RootCoin Utility: RootCoin will be used in future content and games by Mortalis Game, broadening its market demand.
  • Extra Benefits: When Mortalis Game gets 5 million monthly subscribers, RootSeed owners will receive additional perks (to be decided later).
  • Buy-Back Program:  When Mortalis Game reaches 7 million customers, we’ll buy back RootSeeds at 10 times the purchase value, if investors choose to sell.
  • Shareholder Initiative: Five years post-ICO, token holders with 5 Billion RootSeed X2 can discuss acquiring a stake in Mortalis Game.

These strategies provide investors diverse routes to gain returns. Be it through RootCoin’s utility, profit-sharing, or the buy-back, we offer varied choices to align with investors’ goals.

RootSeed investment is a chance to be part of Mortalis Game’s evolution, complemented by several potential exit strategies for value realization and appreciation of investor commitment.


This section provides an overview of the legal and regulatory considerations relevant to Mortalis Game and the issuance of RootSeed tokens, particularly in the EU. It is essential for prospective participants to understand and comply with these considerations before engaging in any transactions involving the tokens.

Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU): In Estonia, operations related to cryptocurrencies, including exchanges and wallet services, are supervised by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). Should Mortalis Game wish to engage in certain activities from Estonia, obtaining the appropriate licenses from the FIU is paramount.

EU’s AMLD5 Regulation: As an EU member state, Estonia has implemented the EU’s Anti Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5). This has specific implications for crypto-assets and related service providers. Mortalis Game has instituted policies in line with AMLD5 to prevent money laundering and other illicit activities.

E-Residency and Company Setup: Estonia’s unique e-residency program permits businesses to be established and managed remotely. While Mortalis Game benefits from this program, it remains committed to observing all regulations tied to e-residency and digital businesses.

Data Protection and Privacy: Committed to the utmost standards of data privacy, Mortalis Game adheres strictly to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring that participants’ data is safeguarded in line with European standards. Participants should peruse Mortalis Game’s privacy policy for a comprehensive overview of data management practices.

Participants are reminded that the legal and regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies in Estonia and across the EU continues to evolve. Mortalis Game pledges to adapt to these changes and maintain rigorous compliance. While this section aims to give a general overview of the Estonian context, participants are urged to seek independent legal counsel to understand the specific legal implications associated with their involvement in Mortalis Game and RootSeed tokens.


Lifelong Fund OÜ, an Estonian-based legal entity also playfully referred to as Lifelong Fun;D, was founded in 2020. Established as a game development studio, our sole purpose was the creation of the MMORPG “Mortalis: Back to the Roots”, which remains our primary and only product to date.

Since our inception in 2020, we’ve assembled a dedicated team of developers and advisors, currently numbering around 20 individuals. Remarkably, all these contributors have been volunteering their time, assisting us either on a consistent weekly basis or as and when required. We’ve managed to staff many key development areas with professionals and enthusiastic learners. For a deeper dive into our team’s credentials, please visit our website. We’re always on the lookout for fresh talent and potential collaborations.

Team Mortalis Game