Intro & News

Mortalis: Back to the Roots is an MMORPG with the aim of rebuilding civilization on a strange and hostile planet. The game is set on the mystical planet Mortalis, which holds a secret background for players to uncover. Players take on the roles of human clones who have been exploring the cosmos in search of a new habitable planet after Earth’s destruction. Following a catastrophic accident to their mother ship while in orbit around Mortalis, they are compelled into an emergency evacuation descent onto this new planet, where they must construct a new civilization from the ground up.


Strategy Session in Tallinn

Greg Lion: “In our follow up strategy session held in Tallinn, Estonia, the visionaries of – Kristjan Kiis and Mihkel Leesment unveiled an ambitious roadmap for revolutionizing the gaming industry. Their innovative platform promises to blend literature and entertainment, cutting-edge technology with immersive gameplay, creating an unparalleled experience that’s poised to capture the hearts of gamers worldwide.

This is a unique opportunity for savvy investors to be part of a venture that’s set to redefine entertainment and community engagement in the digital age. Get in touch with us to learn how you can be a part of this journey.”

Mortalis Game Summer Party 2024

June 2024 Dev Talk

  • What’s up in the team: developers, art team, narration.
  • Introducing Mariann, our 3D artist.
  • Game mechanics analyses – bad mandatory systems in games.
  • Summer Party – small overview of the action.

March 2024 Dev Talk

This time in Dev Talk:

  • What our dev and art team have been up to.
  • Strange plants in Mortalis world: Sammalseen (Moss-shroom), Roniv mürgipuu, Konnatatar.
  • Our special VFX team mate Javier introduces himself.

February 2024 Dev Talk

  • How game development sometimes goes it’s own path and pace.
  • Forest, primal forest and what is behind what eye can’t see or ear can’t hear.
  • Game should be fun not only grind.
  • Come and help with quests and other ideas. New opportunities are waiting.

January 2024 Dev Talk

Goals and plans for 2024:

  • raising money
  • tokenization – RootSeed
  • English version of “The Gods to Be”
  • published “A World in Slumber”
  • Demo Game: ready to test some of the functionality
  • finding key persons to the team

December 2023 Dev Talk

  • Introduction to our new Pitch Deck
  • State of our Demo game
  • Holiday Greeting

November 2023 Dev Talk

This time in Dev Talk:

  • raising money to publish English version of the book The Gods to Be. Support the book here;
  • what we have been doing since June;
  • we’ll finish up with a footage of the Demo Game.

Estonian Sci-Fi Novel Aims for International Recognition

  • Book: “The Gods To Be” is the English version of the renowned Estonian sci-fi writer Maniakkide Tänav’s book “Tulevased Jumalad”, initially set to release as an e-book​​.
  • Author: Maniakkide Tänav, a member of the Estonian Writers’ Union and Estonian Science Fiction Association, has won eight Stalker awards. His literary range extends from zombie gore to space adventures​​.
  • Illustrator: The book’s illustrations are crafted by Mark Antonius Puhkan, whose artistic works have been acclaimed both in Estonia and internationally​​.
  • Story: The novel narrates the ordeal of a geneticist, nicknamed Badass, who lands on an alien planet following a spaceship crash, where survival becomes his primary challenge​​.
  • Broader Goal: The project’s ambitious goal is to introduce Estonian science fiction and mythology to a global audience​​.
  • Funding: The financial aim is to raise 3000 euros for publishing the e-book, which includes translation, layout, and illustrations. Upon reaching 5000 euros, a limited print edition can be published​​.

Supporters and enthusiasts are encouraged to participate and contribute to this exciting venture!

New Introduction Video (2023)

Very First Introduction Video (2021)

Summer Party 2023

No Dev Talk in August. We had a summer party instead. 🙂 Take a look.

July 2023 Dev Talk

  • General overview of what we are working on – the news!
  • Insight into the experience and skill system of the game.
  • Biomes inside the game. Discussion with Agur continues.

June 2023 Dev Talk

This time in Dev Talk:

  1. We would like to address the delay in developing the leaderboard feature for Space Invaders.
  2. Get ready for some thrilling updates on the progress of our demo game.
  3. Financing plans.
  4. Introduction to the Biomes of the Demo Game.