Pitch Deck

Introduction to Mortalis Game


The Pitch Deck for Mortalis Game Inc. introduces our innovative approach to revitalize the MMORPG genre with MMORPG “Mortalis: Back to the Roots.” It emphasizes solving the industry’s chronic issues of superficial gameplay and quick burnout, aiming for deep content and long-term player engagement. The deck outlines the company’s strategy, including building a strong community through storytelling, offering unique selling points like earning in-game currency, and leveraging cryptocurrency for investment and gameplay incentives. It showcases the experienced founding team’s expertise and vision for disrupting the gaming market, backed by achievements and future plans for growth and investor engagement.

What’s in It for You*

Our financial projections show that a minimum investment of €35,200,000 is required to realize our game within 9 years of funding. This investment grants a 17% equity stake in our company.

Investments can be contributed either as a lump sum or in stages, aligned with the development and release of our products: books, a TV series, a Demo Game, and the final game itself.

This opportunity is flexible—investments can be made individually or collectively, allowing for joint contributions with friends or partners.

The investment holding period is set at up to 9 years, as we plan to launch our game in the 8th year after raising the necessary funds. Within this 9-year period, we project an accumulated net profit of no less than €172,251,175.

Note: This profit does not include sales from our books and TV series; it only encompasses sales of game-related products. We’ll share more details in later phases of negotiations.

The ROI* depends on our negotiations and agreement we establish. There are many possibilities, for example:

  • a buyback at five times the initial investment value;
  • a buyback at three times the initial investment value, plus three years of passive income in the form of dividends;
  • an exit strategy where a third party purchases the studio for X times its value.

It’s worth mentioning that we are exploring additional investment avenues through tokenization, which could offer an early exit strategy for investors.

Extra Bonuses for the Investor

Lifetime Bragging Rights with all of our books.

Lifetime Bragging Rights with with the TV series.

Lifetime Bragging Rights with the online roleplaying game.

Why? The Pain and Cure!

Mortalis Game Short Pitch

What sets billion-dollar companies apart from all others? As pathfinders, their unique ways become industry standards.

Today, most multiplayer games created with a 5-10 year lifespan lose a significant portion of their players within a month. Why? Because many MMOs are too superficial, lack depth, and lead players to end-game content too quickly. For decades, games have been following a similar pattern with no groundbreaking mechanics or systems. They often overwhelm new players with excessive information and choices, leading to confusion.

Moreover, gaming is frequently seen as a waste of time, with little value placed on the player’s time.

Our mission with ‘Mortalis: Back to the Roots’ is to rescue MMORPG players from repetitive, shallow games. We aim for deep content and meaningful gameplay that keeps players engaged over the long term. Every day in the game should feel new and exciting, as if the player has just started their journey. The game’s story and choices will encourage players to focus on details and enjoy the journey rather than rushing to the end.

To achieve this, we will implement adaptive mechanics and systems that align with the gamer’s evolving goals, enhancing immersion, enjoyment, and even material rewards. Our innovative approach will allow players to earn while playing, redefining gaming as a valuable and rewarding experience.

This kind of innovation demands a deep understanding of the players’ challenges and psychology, as well as the knowledge of effective solutions and strategies to skillfully implement them. Our team has this critical understanding and expertise, having laid a strong foundation since 2020.

Who? The Team of Legendary Founders

Founder and Vision Architect, Kristjan Kiis, aka ‘Sahiib’

Kristjan is a seasoned entrepreneur with an impressive track record of founding and nurturing six companies from start. His journey in the entrepreneurial world is marked by a robust background in sales, where he honed his skills in team leadership and development across various direct sales enterprises. Kristjan’s profound understanding of human psychology and behavior patterns sets him apart as a leader who can deeply connect with and motivate his team.

With over 30 years of engagement in playing games and studying the gaming industry, Kristjan brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the table. His extensive experience in gaming has not only fueled his passion but also equipped him with the ability to think creatively and innovatively. His visionary approach and unconventional thinking are exactly what our startup needs to navigate the dynamic and competitive landscape of the gaming industry.

Founder and Vision Execution Officer, Mihkel Leesment, aka ‘mihkelle’

Mihkel, our dynamic founder, has been navigating the entrepreneurial world since 2008 and gaming since 1995. He comes with a Masters of Law, blending legal savvy with business experience. He’s a lifelong learner, constantly diving into the realms of leadership, business, and IT. His approach is goal-oriented, determined, and methodical. Whether it’s strategizing in the boardroom or leveling up in a game, Mihkel’s consistent and systematic style drives our studio towards new heights.

Lead Writer, Agur Karukäpp, aka ‘Maniakkide Tänav’ (Street of Maniacs)

Agur is our lead writer and a real star in writing. He’s part of the Estonian Writers’ Union and the Estonian Science Fiction Association. He’s written a lot – 10 novels and more than 70 short stories and novellas. His stories have been in popular Estonian magazines like Mardus and Algernon, and also in some cool book collections. Agur has won the “Stalker Award” from the Estonian Science Fiction Association eight times, which is a big deal. He’s really good at creating stories that make our games exciting and interesting.

Art Director, Mark Antonius Puhkan, aka ‘Toni’

Mark is a young and super talented artist. He got his Bachelor’s degree in Graphics in 2016 and then a Master’s in Contemporary Art in 2020, both from the Estonian Academy of Arts. Now, he teaches there as a visiting lecturer. He also draws illustrations for Postimees, which is a big newspaper in Estonia. Mark has worked on some cool projects, like drawing for a special edition of Tammsaare’s ‘Tõde ja Õigus Part I’ in 2018. Plus, he made a graphic novel called ‘Antennimaja inimesed’ in 2019. He’s been part of a lot of art shows, both in Estonia and abroad.

And there are more great people in the winning team:

Inga Pae
Vice-President in US
Taavi Annus
US Lawyer
Martin Kirotar
Aune Lillemets
Game Design Lead
Jim Sebastian Sharman
Voice Actor / Copy Editor
Siret Tuula
Voice Actor
Henri Viies
Sound Lead
Alvar Kraav
Level Design
Henry Kuldkepp
3D Artist
Marin Nurmik
2D Artist
Martin Türnpuu
3D Artist
Javier Araujo
Kevin Otto Koit
UE Developer
Mark Ra Vilbiks
UE Developer
Euna Islam
UE Developer
Jan Patrick Dumlao
3D Artist
Arvis Židkovs
UE Developer
Kristers Kulmanis
UE Developer
Fred Umal
Laura Loolaid
Karl Vyncnt Riparip
3D Artist
Katherine Cadaon
2D Artist
Simona-Anna Strike
Video Designer
Gre Loayon
Katre Adelbert
HR & Culture
Matilda Tunnel
Mariann Pits
3D Artist
You, maybe?

… and an additional fourteen people who have previously been part of our journey and have helped us. Maybe they will join us again in the future. 😉


We’re at a unique phase in our development, marked by consistent annual growth bolstered by volunteers, whom we proudly call Legendary Founders. These dedicated individuals share our vision and are passionate about our idea.

Our team, now comprising 20+ members, has expanded across two companies in the EU (Lifelong Fund OÜ) and USA (Mortalis Game, Inc.) We have gained valuable experience from two fundraising projects, enhancing our capabilities in this crucial area. This experience includes the release of a novel (“The Gods to Be“), with a second one (“A World in Slumber“) planned for 2024, demonstrating our ability to diversify and innovate.

We’ve made significant strides with investor relations, having met with our first potential investors. These interactions have provided us with invaluable insights for growth. Additionally, we have prepared a Whitepaper for our studio’s crypto token, RootSeed, laying the groundwork for crowdfunding through tokenization, utilizing the crypto trend.

Our game documentation, addressing major pain points in the gaming industry, is under continuous refinement. It adapts to changing trends and delves deeper into game mechanics and functionality. Our approach not only challenges but alters the gaming world’s status quo. By nurturing players and enhancing their experience, we keep them engaged and playing.

We’ve successfully built our organization with minimal costs. However, to fully implement our strategy, we hire professionals to speed up the development and take the business to the next level we need to get financed – either by crowdfunding with many, or partnering with selected few.

What and How? The Strategy

Our Vision

Mortalis Game Vision Explained

3 Key Factors to Reach Our Goals

1. Building Our Community, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Fans, First

  • It’s All About Stories: We’re kicking things off with cool stories, not just dry facts. Our interactive web platform and marketplace, The Survivors’ Camp, is where fans can dive in weekly.
  • Story Part 1: We start with novels like “The Gods to Be” and “A World in Slumber“, plus a TV series.
  • Story Part 2: Then, we bring in a Demo Game.
  • Story Part 3: The main event – our MMORPG “Mortalis: Back to the Roots”. More on the story: https://youtu.be/JJOwPfv6K4o?si=LM2bPotdzumBGooY&t=164
  • Story Part 4: We’ll keep it fresh with DLCs (Downloadable Content).

2. Unique Selling Point (USP): Earn While Playing

  • RootCoin – Our In-Game Crypto: Players earn RootCoin by playing and they keep 80% of it, while the studio receives 20%. Half of the studio’s share goes to RootSeed holders. RootCoin can be traded for cool in-game items or even real money.
  • Great for All Players: Even if you don’t have much time to play, you can buy RootCoin to get those in-game items from other players.

3. Crypto Token “RootSeed” – The Investor’s Perk

  • Launching on Zeniq Platform (in negotiations): RootSeed is our special token.
  • Passive Income for Holders: When RootCoins are made in the game, 10% of it goes to people holding RootSeed. It’s like earning money just for believing in us and investing in the game’s development at an early stage.


When you look through 2025, we are expecting 3.5 billion gamers in the world

Dr. Lisa Sue, CEO of AMD
  • MMORPG Market Growth
    • Big Growth Ahead: Did you know the MMORPG market is expected to grow from $22 billion to a whopping $38 billion by 2028? That’s huge!
    • More statistics on player numbers and growth: https://mmo-population.com/activity
  • RootSeed: Limited and Valuable
    • Only So Many RootSeeds: There’s a limited number of RootSeeds available. This makes them pretty special.
    • Burning to Increase Value: Sometimes, we’ll burn (or remove) some RootSeeds from the market. This makes the remaining ones more valuable.
  • Profit Sharing and Buyback
    • Giving Back to Investors: We’re planning to use 25% of our profit to buy back RootSeeds. This is a way to share our success with those who invest in us.
  • Trading and Listing
    • Making RootSeed More Tradable: When the timing is perfect, we’ll list RootSeed on brokers’ platforms. This means you can trade them more easily.
    • Exciting Times for Crypto: The market is getting ready for a big wave. Crypto is becoming more popular and picking up speed, which is great news for RootSeed.


Income in Numbers (EUR)

First period will start after raising money!

PeriodPeriod 1, Singl 0.1Period 2, Singl 0.2Period 3, Mul 0.3Period 4, Mul 0.4Period 5, AlphaPeriod 6Period 7, BetaPeriod 8, LaunchPeriod 9, Real Money Market
Players Total  4,0007,00015,00050,00090,0001,000,000800,000
Sales Total001,969,6002,051,0002,676,4507,136,7003,170,70034,900, 000168,280, 000
Investment needed2,200,0003,000,0003,000,0005,000,0007,000,0005,000,00010,000,000  
Total Income2,200,0003,000,0004,969,6007,051,0009,676,45012,136,70013,170,70034,900, 000168,280, 000

Expenses in Numbers (EUR)

PeriodPeriod 1, Singl 0.1Period 2, Singl 0.2Period 3, Mul 0.3Period 4, Mul 0.4Period 5, AlphaPeriod 6Period 7, BetaPeriod 8, LaunchPeriod 9, Real Money Market
Total Salaries1,489,9202,208,0003,271,6804,454,4006,681,6006,681,6006,681,6006,681,60011,136,000
Total Other702,127349,483670,4211,374,0092,774,9124,225,0746,355,6398,676,7438,718,466
Total Costs2,192,0472,557,4833,942,1015,828,4099,456,51210,906,67413,037,23915,358,34319,854,466

Bottom Line (EUR)

PeriodPeriod 1, Singl 0.1Period 2, Singl 0.2Period 3, Mul 0.3Period 4, Mul 0.4Period 5, AlphaPeriod 6Period 7, BetaPeriod 8, LaunchPeriod 9, Real Money Market
Profit (neto)7,953442,5171,027,4991,222,591219,9381,230,026133,46119,541,657148,425, 534

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Let’s Do This! – Join Us on This Exciting Journey!

We’re seeking more than just financial support; we’re looking for partners who are eager to contribute their knowledge and contacts. If you’re ready to be part of a dynamic team shaping the future of gaming, reach out to us! Let’s combine our resources and expertise to create something extraordinary.

This is your chance to be part of an innovative project with massive potential – act now!

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* Returns on investment (ROI) and specific earnings are not assured and will depend on the actual performance. This Pitch Deck is intended solely for informational purposes and should not be viewed as an offer or solicitation for public investment. Furthermore, it does not establish any investment terms or contractual obligations.