Intro & News

May 2023 Dev Talk

  • Introduction to Demo Game story and environment, part 1;
  • Demo Game progress;
  • Community building priorities.

Kickstarter Is Live!

Check out on Kickstarter what we are up to. A lot of new videos and concept art.

April 2023 Dev Talk

  • Focus is on Demo Game;
  • Kickstarter launch date revealed – May 1st. Follow us here;
  • A new team member Kellen introduces himself.

March 2023 Dev Talk

This time in Dev Talk:

  • Book release. English book will follow. Translation is done, needs proof reading and pictures.
  • Also, what this means to the game, community and for the future.
  • Three new members in the team: Oskar, Kellen, Alvar. Very good examples of how to get into the team!
  • We have now prepared documentation for the single player demo game.
  • Poll: what you as a player would like to see in a demo game or what are the things you really want to experience in the start of an MMORPG game? Poll link:
  • Who do we need on our team. What are the benefits of joining now. We are looking for: Web developer, Social media communicators for FB, Instagram, Reddit, forums, etc. People who will look up different content creators, connecting with them and inviting them to the short discord video call. Marketing people, human resources manager, different content creators, 2D/concept artists, 3D artists, Unreal engine developers, programmers, level designers, quest writers, book publishers, TV series publishers
  • Introduction video of our translator Martin.
  • Two videos out now in WolfsZeit’s channel.
  • We will make our Kickstarter live. Date to be announced in April Dev Talk.

Why and how to join Team Mortalis

Second Video from Wolfszeit!

Our Vision Architect Kristjan answering comments and questions from previous video from Wolfszeit’s channel. To reflect to the gaming community that our goal is to be transparent and intentions sincere.

Mortalis Game Book Is Here!

The Mortalis Game book “The Gods To Be” is printed! In Estonian “Tulevased Jumalad”. You can buy it now@
We are preparing to publish it in English, next.