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“When you look through 2025, we are expecting 3,5 billion gamers in the world”
Dr. Lisa Sue, CEO of AMD

Why We Do It

We feel that most MMORPGs are similar, not immersive enough and become boring quickly. Players have been expecting something new and different for decades.

We believe in thinking differently and challenging the status quo.

We also believe that time playing should be compensated fairly. That’s why we’ll develop a competitive market economy system within the game world to support that goal.

What We Do

We have been observing and listening to the MMO players for years. Our goal is to combine their expectations into „Mortalis: Back to the Roots“.

Mortalis: Back to the Roots is an MMORPG with the aim of rebuilding civilization on a strange and hostile planet. The game is set on the mystical planet Mortalis, which holds a secret background for players to uncover. Players take on the roles of human clones who have been exploring the cosmos in search of a new habitable planet after Earth’s destruction. Following a catastrophic accident to their mother ship while in orbit around Mortalis, they are compelled into an emergency evacuation descent onto this new planet, where they must construct a new civilization from the ground up.

The Team

Huge Potential