Package “Tooler’s Trooper”


This is a package with Beta Access game key, 3 × 1 month VIP membership… and much more!

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This product consists:

  • Title: Tooler’s Trooper. This is an in-game title that have benefits in-game that could influence relations with NPCs or give you better choices. Higher titles include the benefits of lower titles and more.
  • Special Discord role and our eternal gratitude. Stand out from the crowd on our Discord server with a special role, unique to this Kickstarter project only. No one never can have the same role in our server ever again. You are special as you decided to support us at such an early stage and we want everyone to know it.
  • 3 x 1 month VIP membership. We have decided to use a subscription model in order not to have microtransactions, to keep the servers up and the game updated, and to constantly provide new content. Subscription gives you a certain length of VIP membership. Later in the game development, VIP membership will evolve and everybody will benefit.
  • BETA ACCESS game key. You get access to beta release. NB! The key will be sent to by e-mail at least 7 days before beta release. The exact time of beta release will be announced in the future. No exact date settled yet.
  • Digital copy of illustrated “The Gods to Be” (PDF). This is a book about a geneticist from the starship Sundisk, designation 8-AD-455, nickname Badass. He is marooned on an unknown planet and must fight for survival alongside his shipmates. This planet is our game world. This book could be valuable for you when playing the game. You get more information about the planet, environment, NPCs, and risks involved. This information could be critical to be successful in the game. The book is available for download right after the purchase.
  • VIP Support. You are treated as a VIP in support matters and general communication with game studio. It means that your questions, inquiries etc. are treated with priority.
  • 532 × Rootseeds. These are tokens that can be traded into in-game currency Rootcoin in the future, after the game is finished and launched. Additionally, holding Rootseeds grant you additional portions of Rootcoins regularly (after the game is released, not before).


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